Expansion of Consciousness

energize to hypertransform®
the World of Impact

Step 1

In a first step, you will experience a fast and holistic expansion of unconscious about unknown higher, human and systemic programs of yourself in the mirror in the mirror of personal and corporate challenges. You will get to know your higher development tasks and their solution keys, with which you will be able to grasp the higher meaning to various aspects more holistically, ignite enthusiasm and experience energization.

Step 2

In a second step, you will continue your experience, with which you begin to understand more clearly and translate better into concrete action. A more conscious, affirmed and accelerated effect emerges, which is opened up by the enthusiastic moving forward. This also includes the deblocking of forces and first possible successes related to your own being as well as the interaction with participants. It takes at least three months to develop neuron networks.

Step 3

In a third step, you use your new neuron networks to form the programs that best serve you into new habits, creating a lasting effect. You’ll need at least nine months for this, which nature also needs for the holistic development of a human being. By entering higher levels of consciousness, clear intention and the experience of progress, it follows what it takes as a logical consequence.