energize to hypertransform® the Corporate World

Leader and Owner

As a leader and owner, it is crucial to constantly grasp and empower oneself in the mirror of the past, present and future, also to process, to overcome, and to align oneself personally and professionally more appropriately with oneself at the higher levels of consciousness, to connect better with others, and to take the steps more courageously. Find out more.

Board and Management

The challenges of a board, management and their interaction, as well as this in the face of stakeholders and collective developments, are demanding. What is constant is that what wants to be achieved as a personality and organization must first emerge within the individual and the common. My methods of the future allow to do this in an unconventional, accelerated and effective way. Find our more.

Family and Succession

The development of family businesses also requires the obvious, which is important for all leaders, but not yet part of everyday life: the inner work on what has arisen in oneself through the family in oneself and unconsciously brings about partial reduction. Your origin, history and constellations receive a high level of attention and harmonization, also with regard to succession, and likewise for your very own kind of holistic development. Find out more.