Methods of the Future

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Becoming Conscious:
Using the Unconscious

I consider consciousness to be the currency of life and the question is how much of it we have. Investing in tapping into the unconscious is what I consider the best investment. We can better let go, be more focused in the present, co-create a more suitable future and constantly stand a bit more in our whole greatness, endure and survive things. In the end, we make better decisions at better times and win on all levels.

Programm-Recognition and

The greatest profits and fortunes are unlocked by the use of human and systemic programs. Thus, there is more reliance on the repetition of social programs than on media messages. Now it is high time to become more aware of one’s own superordinate, human and systemic programs, especially the unconsciously reducing ones, in order to re-program them.

Finding Meaning, Vision and Intentionalization

Whether or not there is a higher meaning in life is not at issue here. The aim here is to be able to formulate very precisely in a mathematically comprehensible way, in relation to each individual person and each organization, where the higher development processes lie. From this, meaning an, in the context of collective programs,  also future-relevant visions can be grasped, which we can intentionalize and thus become the desired future.

Personal- and Corporate Energizing

Organizational energies and their conscious management have long been extensively researched, what I integrate into my work. In my opinion, however, personal energy plays the key role in which I’m specialized. This involves the energies of a team as well as as the one of departments, which is also reflected in sub-cultures. Understanding these forces better and learning to steer them more consciously allows to break down blockages and multiply productive forces.

Strategic Intuition and Backcasting

Intuition, not to be confused with emotion, gut feeling or instinct, is a level of impact every human has. It’s a matter of training whether you develop it, for which it takes a detachment of emotion and mind. If this is successful, a priceless asset will be developed incl. of Strategic Intuition. While big data responds to the past and predictive analytics responds to the present, intuition includes future probability and the possibility of backcasting.

Leadership of HyperTransformation

This leadership is a state of the art to not only successfully exist in the 21st century, but also to co-create the future for the best of the whole. It was created through the innovative systems HOLOTRANS and HYPERTRANS for the holistic and accelerated development of people and organizations. The individual also learns at the same time to achieve his goals and to use his talents for the best of all >