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Bettina Fischer

Bettina Fischer is an international methodological leader in the personal and corporate development of board, management and self-empowering people as well as their families. She impacts as an analytical-intuitive Detector of unconscious human, systemic and subordinate programs, Seer, Personal- and CorporateEnergizer as well as HyperTransformer.

Since 2008 I focus on supporting people and organizations with my methods of the future. My first client was the Swiss National Bank SNB, followed by the agricultural technology group Syngenta and the PKE Vorsorgestiftung Energie. I am also committed to family businesses, the families of my clients, also individuals, and their consultants, coaches and therapists.

My approach culminates in the ability of my clients to successfully unfold their self > be more themselves, ready and ahead, much faster, more powerful and efficient to create the reality they want. Thank you for your trust.

For corporate and privately financed processes and sessions, please contact me with your brief situation-describing request, with which you will receive further information about my offer – also for finding the first appointment. I look forward to hearing from you: hyper@bettinafischer.com